Advisory Board

Mary Lynn Broe
Caroline Werner Gannett Professor of Humanities, College of Liberal Arts
Chair, Gannett Advisory Board


Robert Clark
College of Science, ex officio

Aaron Cripps *
2005 RIT Alumnus, SOFA

Stephanie Kirschen Cole
Foundations, College of Imaging Arts and Sciences

Robert Croog
Professional and Technical Communications, College of Liberal Arts

Casey Fordyce Dehlinger *
RIT Student, Film and Animation (CIAS)

Ian Gatley
Dean, College of Science

Michael Galey *
RIT Student, Information Technology (CCIS)

Keeley Hammond *
RIT student, Film and Animation, CIAS

Elizabeth Hane
Environmental Sciences, College of Science

Guy Johnson
Center for Advancing the Study of Cyberinfrastructure, College of Computing and Information Sciences

Christine Keiner
Science, Technology and Society, College of Liberal Arts

Elizabeth Lawley
Information Technology, College of Computing and Information Sciences and Lab for Social Computing

Peter Lazarski *
2005 RIT Alumnus, Graphic Design

Jennifer Loomis *
RIT student, Software Engineering, GCCIS

David Merritt
Physics, College of Science

Kristen Waterstram-Rich
Nuclear Medicine, College of Science

John Roche
Language & Literature, College of Liberal Arts

Bart Roselli
Vice President for Collections and Programs, Rochester Museum & Science Center

Linda Rubel
NTID, College of Liberal Arts

Jonathan Schull
Information Technology, College of Computing and Information Sciences

Marjorie Searl
Chief Curator and Curator, American Art, Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester

Paul Solt *
RIT Student, Computer Science (CCIS)

Jason Younker *
Anthropology and Material Culture Science, College of Liberal Arts

* Consultants to the Advisory Board

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