Consilience: The Cognitive Revolution

Starting in the 1960's, a growing number of thinkers have explored a new paradigm that locates the social and behavioral sciences within the larger network of scientific knowledge. This "consilience" draws heavily on evolutionary thinking as its organizing principle.

For our 2006-2007 series of lectures: "Consilience: The Cognitive Revolution" at the Rochester Institute of Technology, we have invited many of the most distinguished practitioners of this new discipline to speak about their work at an introductory level, encouraging discussion within the campus and the community.

Please see the suggested reading list. Please click here for introductory readings to “Consilience: The Cognitive Revolution” series. See individual speakers for links to talks and interviews.

Tune in to WXXI (Channel 1370) for interviews with speakers!

Eugenie Scott
Dr. Eugenie Scott
Randolph Nesse
Dr. Randolph Nesse
Martin Daly and Margo Wilson
Prof. Martin Daly and
Prof. Margo Wilson
Rudy Rucker
Rudy Rucker
David Sloan Wilson
Prof. David Sloan Wilson
David M. Buss
Prof. David M. Buss
Daniel C. Dennett
Prof. Daniel C. Dennett
Capstone Speaker

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